September 29th, 2006


I'm bringing it back, y'hear?

Last night I watched the video for Sexyback by Justin Timberlake. I did this because I wanted to see for myself what his version of sexy looked like. My conclusion? Nope. He is not bringing sexy back. There is one half-second snippet in the video where he's got his head down and he's looking under his brows, straight into the camera. That's hot. The rest? Well, I hold with my original comment about Justin, that if he wants to be sexy he should shut his mouth, take his shirt off and dance, because dancing is what he's good at.

Yes, of course I'm the authority on sexy. So are you. *cough*

In other news, I seem to have created a monster. I'm not sorry at all. It's interesting finding out stuff about people. Ners.

Finally, my website had 16,000 hits this month. *boggles*