September 27th, 2006


Big brother and other reality shows..

Ooh. The big 'internet use' email went around work yesterday. You know how it goes.. "We don't mind you using the internet for a certain amount of personal stuff but we exceeded our bandwidth last month and we'll be talking to the culprits etc."

I haven't been talked to yet. Which is odd, considering that I generally have three to four windows open at any given time, only one of which is likely to be work related. Hmm. If I'm not a main culprit, what on earth is everyone else doing? *curious* One of the sites that's on the 'not recommended' list is TradeMe. *grin* I'm not an auction junkie, so maybe that's it. The other is YouTube, which I've been guilty of looking at. So now I have to save all the good vids that you post until I get home. Oh, the torture! The delayed gratification! Argh!

In other news, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had stopped biting my fingernails. This wasn't a conscious choice, it was more just a spinoff of the other changes that took place at Burning Man, so I really have no idea how or why it happened. Anyway, some of the nails are now reaching the ends of my fingers, and I've realised that I have no idea how to look after them, shape them, file them.. all that stuff. Any nailed people want to enlighten me?
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