September 26th, 2006

going native

Is it cold? Is it hot? I can't tell

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*cough* Anyway.. things I learned in the last 24 hours:

Always look at the label of the glue you're using. It may not be superglue. It may, in fact, be neoprene glue, in which case you'll spend the next 24 hours picking lint off any part of your body that came into contact with said glue. Advice to live by..

Grounding helps after journeying - in fact it's essential. I would like to write about this, but I'll probably cut it to people who give-a-shit about such things. Please let me know if you're one of these.

Reading trashy teen novels is good when your brain is so feverish that you can't absorb anything more substantial than mental chewing-gum. I should probably feel ashamed, but I don't.

It's alway's behind the couch. Always. You should look there first. Even if the last time you saw it you were in another country, it will be behind the couch.

There is a kind of person. I shall call them People Who Drink. I'm not talking about just having a drink, maybe getting a bit giggly and silly, but serious, "We must buy at least 3 dozen for every party and drink till we fall down" drinkers. These people have a look about them - it's a look I recognise from my years in Boganville. I can still recognise these people and on the weekend I was proven right. I may be somewhat judgemental towards this type of person because of past history, but frankly.. No Thanks. Not saying it's wrong to be like that, just saying I am not interested in knowing such people.

I think there should be a decompression party soon. Not specifically a BM one, although BM costumes would be fun. Just a general decompression. It seems that the need for it is growing.

Right, time for a kindy nap now..
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