September 24th, 2006


There was a party. There were pirates and ninjas. And wenches. And port.

I know the men with the best smiles..

I have been challenged to stealth around on Lambton Quay being the Corporate Ninja one Monday morning when everyone's going to work. There may be photos. If I don't get taken out by some suit who's an -actual- ninja, that is.

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I was talking with a good friend the other day about the random things that happen in life, and how encouraging randomness makes things so much more interesting and widens awareness. In the spirit of that, here's a list of some random things that have happened to me this weekend:
    A Marilyn Monroe moment involving my favourite skirt and the nor'wester, in which everyone on Thorndon Quay got to see that I was wearing white cotton panties.
    A swizzle-stick swordfight on the steps of Bordeaux Bakery.
    Looking up from parking my car and spotting five fully-suited frogmen crossing the road (they may have been frogwomen but it's hard to tell, you know?).
    Having a conversation at a bus stop with a complete stranger dressed in a bright orange hazchem suit.
    Having a sheep's foot inserted in my left nostril, which is going to leave an unsightly bruise, made my eyes water and produced some very unladylike language.

Other than the hoof-up-nose issue, and the bit where I stabbed myself in the hand with my screwdriver, the shearing went really well. I was feeling like death warmed up this morning when I got there (no, not a hangover - the last month's excesses finally caught me and I have a cold), but I seem to have sweated it out over the course of 35 sheep. Hoggets are wiggly and thin-skinned, and don't realise that freezing still while you're shearing their balls is probably a good idea. These hoggets haven't had the easiest winter, and that makes them tough going. However, the job was done and dusted in two hours, including the Ram Of Gargantuan Proportions that at last weighing tipped the scales at 110kg (that's two of me and some). Off I trotted in the early afternoon with a nice cheque in my pocket to make a good start on the Travel Next Year fund, a fleece for the spinning thereof, and a pre-booking for the lamb shear in December.

You know, it makes me really happy that people aren't weirded out by my sheep shearing. I used to be made to feel like a freak (and asked if I was a lesbian WTF??) for it in the backwater town that I come from. Now I don't. I think I know better people these days. Just saying. ;-D