September 22nd, 2006


Beer + Climbing = ??

I just learned something about gmail. If you clear your sentmail box, it deletes the entire conversation from everywhere, including your inbox. So, um. If I've been having a conversation with you via gmail, chances are it's gone into the ether. *facepalm* Should've read the instructions I guess. Feel free to remind me what we were talking about. ;-)

This week, I seem to be being followed by the ghost of Hunter S Thompson. He's popping up everywhere, the latest example being me turning on my mp3 player to Velvet Acid Christ. First song comes on, electronica at its best. Nice. First line of song.. "This was not a good town for psychadelic drugs. Extremely menacing vibrations were all around us.." Untz Untz Untz.. Hee! Excellent. So in honour of Hunter S and thanks to Happy's Random Entertainment Post from yesterday, I've made a new icon. And I'm wondering what I can learn from Hunter S this week.

My boss wants to buy me beer. Go figure. Following the beer, there will be climbing. 6pm Fergs, for anyone who's interested.

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Finally, it turns out Richard Hammond's crash happened at the old airfield in Elvington that's right next door to Lake Cottage where I was born, and that is partly responsible for my hearing damage (it was still in use back then). My Dad worked there during World War 2, as an electrician maintaining the runway lights. This is my slightly morbid claim to fame for today. Also, I heard there may be brain damage. That would be a real shame. ;-/

Actually really finally, it was really nice to get home after a month away and go to fill my car up, to discover that the price of petrol has dropped by 15c a litre in that time - almost a reverse of last year. Awesome. ;-)
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