September 21st, 2006


Zoning in, zoning out..

While I wasn't looking, the city bus service moved the goalposts - again. So now, instead of travelling through sections, I travel through Zones. I'm tempted to name these Zones - we could have the Chill Zone, the War Zone, the Clone Zone (that would be Lambton Quay by the way).. and I've discovered that if you say the word Zone often enough, it starts to sound really silly. Try it. Zone. Zone. Zone... *cough* Anyway. I now live in Zone Three, henceforth to be known as the Chill Zone because we're all so mellow in the Gorge, and because it gets a total of three hours sun per day in winter.

When I went to buy my shiny new (blue!) concession ticket, the guy and I pored over the map of the new Zone boundaries, and we decided, since there were no specific details, that I needed a Two Zone ticket. This morning, my driver, after scaring the crap out of me (standing) by braking, swerving and accelerating randomly all the way into town, informed me that I have a Two Zone ticket and live in Zone Three. I actually need a Three Zone ticket. *sigh* Apparently the next bus stop, 100m down the hill, is the Zone boundary. My options are to spend an extra $8 a week to travel that 100m, or get off and walk. No prizes for guessing what I chose.

Speaking of which, I walked home yesterday. The idea of waiting 20mins for my bus didn't appeal, so I started walking and just kept going. I made it home 10 minutes after I would have had I waited for the bus, and I got to look at Stuff and get some actual exercise on the way. I saved $2 (and 80c). I discovered that there is a Zone in my head that is way nicer than any of the ones that the bus takes me to. It has music and pretty lights and no scary-crazy bus drivers in it. This walking thing could become a habit.

In other news, The Dress is made. The wire should arrive this afternoon. Any suggestions for how to make the wire removable for washing of said dress, greatly appreciated. At the moment I'm leaning towards sewn-on loops that it could be threaded through, or some kind of cable clip type thingy. But I'm not really up on what's available. There will be photographs of this one, unlike the bubblewrap dress.

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Finally, there was no gallery creation last night, due to Random Sewing Inspiration coupled with Dodgy As Fuck Net (anyone else have up-down-up-down-itis on their cable last night?). Maybe tonight. Also, tonight there will be Aro fish and chips. Yes, small things make me happy. I've missed them.

This post has been brought to you by a distinct lack of photographs and the word Zone.
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