September 19th, 2006



As of last night, I now have 100 LJ friends! Wow. Like.. I've had this journal nearly three years and it's become part of my identity, I guess. I've travelled to foreign climes and stayed with people I've met through LJ, and I've also become friends on LJ with people I've met far too briefly in meatspace. I'd just like to take this moment to appreciate the power of the internet as a communication tool, discovered by me when living alone in the boonies in 2001, and connecting people worldwide. Just, wow. *smile*

The other milestone is that I have now gone for a month (from 18 August) with no rain. First time in my life. Wellington itself has turned on 8 days straight of stunning weather and the farmer in me is starting to mutter about drought. I know, I know.. *grin*

In other news, there will be no climbing for me tonight. The people who schedule movies have decided to pander to those who don't feel the pressing need to pursue a minimum of two activities every night. The movie starts at 6.30. Damn. However, I'm thinking Friday as an alternative. If nobody else is free, I'll just go down and boulder around by myself, such is my need to pull plastic these days. *hopeful look*

Also - when using heavy duty thread to sew with, it pays to realise that the increased diameter means that less fits on a spool, and you will run out halfway through making something, thus cracking the inspiration-haze. Luckily it's at a point where inspiration is no longer important and I just need more thread and half an hour to finish. Also, yay for obliging models who are home and happy to drop everything to do a fitting for me.


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Spose I'd better go do some work now, eh?
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