September 18th, 2006


This is what I mean by a valiant effort

Know how you should never eat food that's bigger than your head? Well in America you can't help it. All the food is bigger than your head. And if you're like me and were brought up to "Clean your plate, girl! You paid for it, now you have to eat it!" - it can lead to some interesting food experiences.

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And can I just say Thank You to happyinmotion for deciding he needed a lot of exercise yesterday? Two and a half hours at 6-ish mph walking over the hills out to the coast, and back via the statue of Janus above Kingston was just what the doctor ordered. Especially followed by Yummy Food O Doom. And I finally cleaned out my pack, finished the washing and made my room back into a room instead of a transit-station. Well pleased. *nods*

Also, there is Creativity happening, and the History party was fun. Like pombagira, I won't be posting any photos because the ones I took had people with their eyes shut, and pulling faces, and I just don't think they'd appreciate it. Can I just say that everyone looked awesome and men should wear tunics more often. ;-)

Also, gelatin teeth are weird.

PS This is my new icon, made by op_lattethunder. She is so much better at icons than me.
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