September 16th, 2006


More shiny, damnit!

So, it's official. I can, without chemical enhancement, dance for four hours solid to hard trance before I get bored. Can we say Autism Central?

Odd dancing indoors - I'd forgotten how hot it gets when so many people crowd into a tiny space and jump up and down a lot (well, about 50% were jumping, the rest were performing various permutations of the White Guy Shuffle). Hmm, sweat. Also - no shiny! Where is the shiny? In my bag, that's where it is.

I gave away about 100 glowsticks last night *evil grin* (and wore a heap myself) for Extra Added Shininess. Ups to all the people who asked for them, it made the whole experience much shinier. Downs to Sandwiches for not letting us dance on the stage because we don't work there - WTF? I was tempted to tell them they were free to pay me.. Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that EL wire would sell like hot cakes here if only someone had the balls to wear it and show people what it is. And I can think of two such people. Excellent.

I tipped the scales this morning at 52kg - WTF is up with that? I know I lost 4kg in the desert, but I made a valiant effort to gain it all back in LA - and now I find I've dropped another kilo. *sigh* Anyone want my metabolism? It seems to be on the blink.

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The dawn chorus was beautiful this morning as I walked home. *nods* Yay fuvenusrs! You rock.