September 13th, 2006

going native

It's Aht, dahling! *air kiss*

Instalment the Second..

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So there you have it. This isn't even a quarter of what was on offer. If any of you burners would like to add photos of cool things I missed, please comment with the pic. That would rock. Also, I'm still not really up on the clickable-ness of the photos because these are directly uploaded to my site, not through a gallery. The gallery will come when the filing is all sorted into categories. Till then, if anyone wants to see larger versions of the pics (I'm very aware of other people's bandwidth speeds and slow-load issues), please let me know which ones and I'll email them to you directly, K?

In other news, yay climbing! I did a 23! Well, sort of. I can't really claim the climb, because it was in a dark corner and there were two similarly-coloured routes side-by-side so I'm not positive that I used only the correct holds on the bottom half of the climb. But after they split, it was all me baby. Etc etc gloat wheee!

And yesterday I saw lots of people and it was very cool to see friendly familiar faces about the streets of this town I love. Just sayin'.
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