September 12th, 2006


Grr! Argh!

It would appear that Exorsus is having a small issue, therefore the photos I posted last night are invisible for the time being. No doubt it'll get sorted in due course.

Meanwhile, I arrived at work to a mountain of Stuff To Do, a bunch of people at whom I'm scratching my head and thinking "I'm sure I know you from somewhere.." and many questions about what it's like to actually have a holiday.

Things I've noticed that are different about home: New leaves on the oak tree. Getting up and it actually being daylight. grist having somehow worked his magic on my car so I can open it on the key. Argentinian Steakhouse gone, replaced by wanky looking cafe. Krazy Lounge changes name and not much else. Ahhh, decent coffee.

America loses at coffee, by the way, but wins at Mexican food. *licks lips*

Finally, I'll be at Fergs around 6pm for some climbing. Come one, come all, etc etc..

More finally, there was a camp playing Pendulum and Salmonella Dub at BM. They also had a bubble-blowing machine and a vibra-train with a microphone that you could sing into while getting jiggled. Ah, silly fun FTW!
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