August 23rd, 2006


Doing the Time-zone tango

San Francisco is colder than Brisbane but warmer than Wellington. I got the expected inspection at US customs but being at my personable best after 20 hours on a plane, I just said "Look, here's all my paperwork, feel free to search my bags but you'll have to lift them up on the desk because I'm too knackered for this. Can I sleep now and you can wake me up when you're done." And they didn't bother. Hee!

Today will be exploration of Berkeley, tomorrow visiting theheretic, then off to Harbin for hippie practice, then PLAYA! Weeeeeeee!

Having brightly coloured hair makes people talk to you. Strange phenomenon du jour. I met several Singapore and Thai burners on the plane from Taipei, and convinced a girl from Chicago to go next year. Me, I'm just looking forward to running round in minimum clothing and being constantly warm for a week.

Oh, and seeing you all out there too.

Travelling by myself is both better and worse than travelling alone. Better because I've met way more people and haven't had to deal with stress at all (except for a moment in SFO when I couldn't get the phones to work and had to be rescued by a helpful Chinese food salesman), worse because it would be nice to have someone to share it with. However, in a couple of days I'll be sharing it with 40,000 people hell bent on having an awesome time. *nods*

See you all later.