August 17th, 2006


Going for the hip hop grandma look

Today is a headscarf day. No, not because my hair is bad, but because it's only half done. Brooke, as usual, underestimated the time it would take to finish, so I have what amounts to half a head of multicoloured hair. I have to go back at 2 o'clock today. This is precisely the reason I kept today free of other commitments.. Rule No. 1 of Hair: Know Thy Hairdresser's Foibles. Anyway, it turned out to be nigh impossible to make it look like anything other than a neon mullet, hence the headscarf. Also, hence no photos yet.

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Note: I'm rapt that I work in a place where I can turn up to work in cargoes and a headscarf with brightly coloured sticky-outy bits of hair, and have everyone go "Send photos when it's finished!" In fact, one guy (the twinkly one) said he's almost convinced to go to BM himself next year. I, of course, reminded him that there are still two weeks left in which to buy a tent and some sunscreen. ;-)

Other than that I'm pretty much sorted. Unlike everyone else, my bag isn't packed yet. I simply have piles of stuff that I've been adding to as necessary, all ready to be thrown in a backpack at the last possible moment and then I'm away. Get some pretty Australian money, get some more hair, have a coffee and say goodbye to one more person and DONE! AWAY! WOOT!

OK, duty free cameras. Worth it? The Old Brick is still going, but is now at the point where I have to squeeze it in a certain place to keep it going, and it's not conducive to the quick photograpy that's necessary for the photo-essay I want to create. So is duty free really any cheaper? And which country would offer the best value for money on such things? Yes, I expect you to know...

Finally, do they really expect me to get any work done today? HA!
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