August 14th, 2006


Pants! It's all pants I tell you!

Yoinked from leejoon:

The whole problem with the world
is that fools and fanatics
are always so certain of themselves,
but wiser people so full of doubts.

- Bertrand Russell

Yeah, so anyway, I just discovered that instead of the much-touted Air China, I am in fact travelling with China Airlines - yep, the World's Most Dangerous Airline. Hmm, I wonder if they counted the planes involved in 9/11 (which, incidentally, is my arrival date back home) in the tallying that gave them that reputation? Anyway, too late now, I'll take my chances. I did, however, look up their website and it would seem that I can expect my meals to be something like this: " Freshly scrambled eggs and delicious side oders" Hmm again. Gotta love them delicious side oders.. also, I'm not allowed to take "Animals, planets and products thereof" into Taiwan. Oh noes! Whatever shall I do with that Jupiter I bought for Miki?

Apparently Freedom Air, who I'm flying to Australia with, make you pay $2 for a headset if you want to listen to the movies that they may or may not show - or you can provide your own if they'll let you on with them. The $2 ones, you get to keep. Yay quality, says Tats. I just hope they let me take a book, because 12 hours with one in-flight magazine in Chinese probably won't be all that entertaining. I've yet to master the art of sleeping on planes. Charades or Shadow Puppets might get mistaken for terrorist activity.. what to do to entertain oneself?

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Today I will be phoning the airlines I'll be travelling with to try and find out what the deal is regarding wire and power packs and books and mp3 players and water. If they don't let me take my camelbak on the plane, they'd better be ready to fetch me water constantly throughout the 12 hours. Delicious oders or not.