August 13th, 2006


Things every girl should have No 213..

An acid green fake fur cocktail dress!

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Compression is a good idea. Not that most of us needed any more enthusiasm kindled. There was a nice balance of experienced and new people, and I felt somewhat wise and experienced with my one-burn history, as several people picked my brains and made me feel as if I know what I'm talking about. Also, plastic Tommee Tippee cups ftw! You can drop these babies and nothing falls out. And far from feeling like an idiot drinking out of one, it just goes with the general theme of silliness. I met Myles's new lady who is luverly, and it was cool to see everyone getting into the spirit of it in their playa finery. Mark was a gracious host as always and one day we'll find his place without having to drive up every road in the district. Hee!

I got to meet a bunch of new people too, so now my playa experience is going to be even more friendly-face-filled. Awesome. I blame my Dad for my ability to charm older men into telling me their life stories, and this particular older man had a really interesting one, covering martial arts, reiki, adventures in back alleys of foreign places and old Chinese men who won't tell you something till you've figured it out for yourself. Good guy. I'm looking forward to running into him and his lovely wife out there.

Also, I could've got laid last night, I think (not the guy mentioned above, btw). Not that I think that's any reflection on me *laugh* - I declined politely without anything having to be said, thus ensuring ongoing goodwill on both sides. I mean, just because it's on offer doesn't mean you have to take it up, right?

More rushing round like a mad thing today. What the hell am I doing on lj? *runs away*
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