August 11th, 2006


From Our Lady Of No Lists comes proof that anyone can change when forced by last-minute panic


*rushes out the door to get it done before it's too late*

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See? Totally organised. Not much left to do at all.

Oh, if there's anything else I said I'd do that isn't on that list, can you remind me please?

(yes that was a list. chalk it up)

[EDIT] The el wire guy just got back to me and he's sending a whole new section of green for me. So I can add redoing the green part of the pattern to my list. Whee! Yay for folks with good attitudes. ;-)
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Things I got today

  • Complete Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde from Australia! Yay! Thanks!

  • More fake fur. You can never have too much fake fur (and I challenge those airport people to tell me how you make a bomb out of it)

  • More work. Dagging 1000 ewes, anyone? Luckily, not till after I get back.

  • An email that made me feel happy. Yay happy emails!

  • NO PANTIES! I couldn't believe not being able to find panties - mind you they are Special Purpose ones, not just any pair will do.

  • Sharp shearing gear and farmer-talk with a real farmer.

  • A surge of inspiration and excitement.

  • Steak with a handle. What a great idea!

  • NO LIME GREEN STOCKINGS! WTF? This is Wellington, people. If you can get them anywhere, it should be here.

  • Kidnapped for cocktails by people with Siamese bunny twins. Long story.

  • A photograph of this shirt:

  • More days should be like today.
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