August 9th, 2006


Billy, they don't like you to be so free

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In less climber-geek news, congratulations to the folks who got jobs yesterday. It seems to be a week for it. *crosses fingers for one more person*

And yesterday, my manager approached me and said "We're not going to have the information you need to finish the project before you fly out, so can you make me a list of instructions so I can do it?" *grin* Part of me takes glee in the thought of telling my manager what to do. Part of me is going "What if she messes up?" But then I think "Nope, not my problem, I'll be in warmer climes!" - and that makes me smile. 9 days to go!

Andandand, Charlotte is making lips! Whee!

In other extreme sports news, I want ONE OF THESE!!! (movie) *drools* Seriously, I could think of lots more uses for it than just snow..
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Anyone know what the deal is with the new coins and parking meters?

I went to park last night, and wasn't keen to risk my shiny new 50c coins being mistaken for 10s by the meter.

Is there a specified changeover date, or what?

Also, reminder to self: Trade in old silver that's being used as a doorstop pronto.

Also, I know a couple of people who will like this: