August 6th, 2006


I like men, but

Girl friends rock, they really do. (STFU, for a long time I didn't have any and I know what I'm talking about).

I am now the proud owner of an awesome dress with a mandarin collar and the most flattering back line I've ever owned. There may be posey photos if/when they turn up.

Only problem is, it's ORANGE! And not a pleasant orange, but a BRIGHT, LOUD, clashes-horribly-with-my-hair ORANGE!!! So, I plan to dye it to a more suitable colour. Anyone who knows of a professional dyeing service, or even just someone local who's really good at it, I'd love to know. There were also a pair of black and white polka-dotted flats with strawberries on them that fit me, but as soon as I put them on I a) wanted to tapdance and b) felt my IQ dropping, so I left them. If I owned a dalmatian and a heinously large pink strawberried ribbon for my hair, I'd have considered them. Maybe. (also, with shoes like those you need a lollipop as big as your head and frilly knickers)

And, for a new friend:

Interesting weekend. It missed the "Ogodogodwe'reallgoingtodie!" definition by the skin of its teeth. However, here I still am. Gosh.

I like waffles. *nods*

Oh yeah, and I have to make a DVD of kiwi music mp3s for our dj (yes omg our camp has a soundsystem i am not going to get any sleep break out the spike) at Burning Man. I'd appreciate suggestions of what should represent us there.

And another edit: I think I might be too literal-minded. Every time I see someone use the word 'buttload', I start thinking about what a buttload actually is, and picturing how they might measure one. I mean, today's example was a girl who said she had a buttload of plastic fruit. I mean... I really don't need that picture, you know?
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