August 4th, 2006


Observation for Friday

Following up Pride and Prejudice (yes, I finally read it!) with a cheesy haunted house novel by an unknown writer, that is clunky and grammatically incorrect, but dead scary anyway, is a fun juxtaposition.

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I bet they laughed at farts in those days too. *nods*

As for the other book, how can two words (come inside), clumsily plonked in the middle of a sentence about something completely different, be so chilling? I don't know whether the author is a genius or just lucky, but it works. I'm still reading, anyway. And scaring myself silly. It's great.

And yeah, I know I promised songs, but ftp from work is Teh Suck Corruptorama, so it'll have to wait. Yay for Friday, too.

And now for something altogether different

I said I'd do it, so here you go. JB Willit (the internet guy that popped up randomly and sent me music), for your listening pleasure.

If you like bluesy style stuff, wall-of-noise, smoky bars that smell like testosterone, drinking whiskey straight, feelgood picking, or playing pool, you'll probably like this. Not my usual fare, but I dunno, I kind of like it.

Another Mile.

In A Flash.

Also, the "Send Tats Music Randomly" meme seems to be spreading. I like it. Keep 'em coming to see my smile get wider and wider..

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