August 3rd, 2006


In which I wax something-or-other about Stuff

This morning I had to talk to our tenant about the rent. Always fun, that. The outcome was pretty positive, and they were cool about it, which is good. But after the 'little talk' I found myself feeling a bit stewed up. And, oddly, I also found myself joking around and trying really hard to make this person laugh. Like, I had to.

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In other news, there are sheep. They are pregnant and there are lots of them. They need shearing. The burning question is, in the three spare days I have between now and leaving, is it going to rain?

[EDIT] I just had a chat with a wise (non-kiwi) friend, who reckons that the avoidance of confrontation at all costs might be a cultural thing. Hmm..
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Sounds you can feel? Yes please!

I was looking through old photos, as occasionally happens, and I came across these (in which I look like a dork but I care *holds up fingers* this much):

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So, folks, bring out yer subwoofers! I need more of these!

(In addition, I want to steal Jez's cans. I don't know how to do this without murdering him in his bed and risking the wrath of Andrea who is tiny but more muscular than me)

Also, has anyone heard of JB Willit? Guy sent me a couple of songs out of the blue the other day.. *likes getting random music* .. kind of bluesy, not the sort of thing I'd listen to normally but quite cool. Maybe I'll post them tomorrow..
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