July 31st, 2006


Public Service Announcement

For those who expressed an interest, climbing tonight at Fergs, at 6pm. They are open till 8pm at this time of year so that should give us time to turn our biceps to cotton wool (except of course Jez who is expected to be Superman and climb one-handed for as long as we see fit).

You will note that it's "pulling plastic" for anyone who might have been concerned that it'd be those big scary outside rocks. *grin* So far we have a party of 5, it would be cool to get at least one more person to even up the belay numbers but if not, we'll manage and rotate (or Jez will belay two at once, yeah). Entry is $12 plus $3 harness hire and shoes are extra if you want them. Of course if you happen to be a student with ID you get the discount, then it's $7.

So, um, yeah. See you there!

*rubs Saturday muscle-aches ruefully*

And gosh. Someone gave me a bottle of Spike! *jiggles*

In other news, I just realised that I'm totally sorted for Burning Man. No more planning, organising or purchasing left to do.. and still almost three weeks of waiting! I have no idea how this happened, just plugging away at stuff as it came up. So now I have a fortnight of anticipation without action. I can feel some adrenaline-inspired hijinks coming on..
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