July 30th, 2006


What we do on Sundays..

It started with a trip to the Statue Barn in Paraparaumu. This involved my car. Now, as some of you know, I've been having some issues with the beeper - it's possessed, basically. It goes off randomly, and getting in and out of my car has become a major undertaking in which there has been much locking and unlocking for no apparent reason, many false alarms drawing funny looks from passers-by, and the last straw, when the alarm went off as I was driving through town, complete with hazards, sirens and one very embarrassed Tats trying hard not to look like a criminal.

Today, in the carpark at Burger King, I'd had enough. I'd removed it from the keyring, and Polly was holding it delicately between two fingers, with her mouth just right, and the bloody thing went off again, as I was opening the door. So..

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Oh, and did I mention the stomping? *evil laugh*

Bye to Kim and Thomas (yes, I actually swapped the alphabetical order of these names to make sure they were 'right'). See you in a couple of weeks! Wheeeeeee!

[EDIT] Oh yeah, can anyone tell me how I can convert a .wav to an mp3?
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