July 28th, 2006


We're oh-so-cultured this week...

Last night I went to see House of Sand and Iraq in Fragments. Getting from the Embassy to the Penthouse in less than 15 minutes was an adventure in itself, and I got to show off my l33t parking skillz0rs (and my bunged-up car-unlocker-beepy-thing) to an appreciative audience.

House of Sand was very cool, and incorporated some of the best, and worst, cinematography I've seen. Beautiful panning of vistas that suddenly shake or go out of focus FTW! Good acting too. But most likely one for the ladies, I'd say. Also, apparently Americans always clap at movies (according to the folks seated next to me, observed as all the kiwis clapped at the end and the only American I knew in the place stayed still).

Things I learned from Iraq in Fragments - There are only 3 women in Iraq. Yep, it's true. Two older ladies who think the body-search is the best part of voting, and one young lady whose husband was arrested by a Shia militia for possibly selling alcohol. Hmm... where are all the other women? Well, they aren't at religious rallies or political meetings, or in fact to be seen walking around the streets. Maybe they are here:

Although I doubt it. There are some wackos in Iraq but the big obvious thing in this film was that it's full of - well, people. Plain old everyday people (and the boys are very pretty). Also, everybody smokes and the Combover is alive and well in Iraq.

Question from my companion: Why do the Iraqis hate the Israelis? And, what is 'honest food?'

In other news, can someone please tell my stomach that its job is to digest food, not reject it? Cheers.
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