July 24th, 2006


The court is now in session - without me in it.

So much for jury duty. Sit it a room for a while with a bunch of other people, watch a video with the guy from Fair Go (I feel sorry for anyone whose name is David Stevenson), some guy comes in wearing a robe and pulls names out of a lottery box and calls them out in an English accent, then they tell you to come back on Wednesday. Ho hum.

Next Monday evening has been nominated for group climbing. I remember some people saying they were keen, so if you are, let me know etc etc and we'll sort something out.

And, I've been asked to do a couple of Wanky Music Reviews. "Well gosh," said I. Actual real stuff, instead of me just blurting my opinions on LJ! But, in the spirit of Try Anything Once, I'll give it a go. Funny, the kind of pressure you put on yourself when you realise that someone is actually paying attention to what you think. Hmm..

I reckon living in a converted woolshed would be cool, by the way. All open plan n stuff.

25 days and counting! Wheee! I had a sort-of nightmare in which I was in Taipei Airport and all the signs and announcements were in Chinese, and I missed my plane and was stuck there. So I did a Google image search to reassure myself. Yes, they speak English there, yes, I'm silly. So?
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An exercise in frustration

The scene: an electrical supply shop. Not Dick Smiths, but the kind that supplies things to electricians. They have everything, right?

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Is it unrealistic of me to have expected him to understand, aided by diagrams, that I want a piece of wire?

(i am trying very hard not to assume that he thought i had no idea what i was talking about because i'm not wearing boots and overalls and a moustache)