July 20th, 2006


And no I'm not related to *insert random name here* Allison either. At least, not that I know of.

This morning on the bus a woman tapped me on the shoulder and said "Excuse me, is your name Theresa?* You look just like somebody I knew when I was 6." To which my eyes went big and round at the thought of looking like someone who's 6.. So, after it was established that we didn't actually know each other, we started chatting. Turns out she's from a wee town down on the West Coast, and yes, she knows someone from Dargaville (Everybody knows someone from Dargaville. It's a Universal Law. I'm always amazed that a hicktown with such a small population has managed to spread its fingers so wide. Fairlie is the same).

So anyway, one of the things she said is that having grown up in a West Coast town, every time she smells coal smoke it reminds her of being a kid there - even when she was living in a huge city in England, one whiff of it and she'd be right back there, up to her knees in whitebait. It got me thinking, what smell does that to me? And the one I came up with was silage. ;-/ That acrid, sweet/sour smell that pretty much everyone in NZ has smelled at one time or another and gone "Phwor! What died?" Anyone out there have a nice smell that reminds them of home?

* This happens to me a lot. It's a Thing. Apparently I look like a lot of people. Never a 6-year-old before, though.

[EDIT] Someone on wellingtonnz just said I look like someone they used to know. Freaky.

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Finally, thanks to the people who contacted me yesterday. Yes, the comments in that post struck a nerve and getting unexpected boosts was overwhelmingly awesome. You rock.. *smile*

Oh yeah, and I need more Pendulum. I only have one album. This will not do.