July 14th, 2006


*tongue planted firmly in cheek*

So I bought a bag. By my standards, it's tiny. In it, I can fit camera, mp3 player and phones, cables, keys, money, cards etc, glasses wipey cloth, pen, notebook, with enough room left over for extras like a book or lunch or whatever. It rocks. Vis:

(only mine has red trim because yellow is daggy)

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So I guess what I'm saying is sure, if you want a pretty, useless fashion accessory, go for a handbag. If you want something that is up to the job, is durable, fufills the need it's designed for and can give you some satisfaction, there are much better options out there.

And speaking of pretty, useless fashion accessories, check this out: Not a photo of Paris Hilton.

I expect some money will be spent. *nods*
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