July 11th, 2006


On obesity, stretchiness and snapping

This morning on the bus there was a woman. She was a Large woman. Very large.

"Oh noes!" I hear you gasp.. "Tats is about to go into another rant about fat people!" Well, no I'm not. But this woman was taking up two seats, and I had to stand because of it. And the Evil Tats part of me was thinking "You know, if you walked to work, not only would I get a seat, but you might get down to a size where you only take up the one seat you paid for." And, "Why the hell should I have to stand because you eat too much and don't exercise enough?"

Yes yes, the Not So Evil Tats was on my other shoulder going "Hey, she might have a glandular imbalance or a dodgy heart or something." I'm not totally without sympathy. There is a little in there. I also know that I'd never get to that size. How on earth does it happen?

Today my arms are pleasantly achey. I got snapped out doing stretches on the balcony of the conference room in Nelson yesterday (Whee! Sunny in Nelson, views over the harbour to the snow-capped Takaka hills and altogether better than the small windowless room in Auckland that we normally use), and it was kind of embarrassing but it definitely helped. Oddly, legs are ok. And yep, I feel smug and self-satisfied about my weekend's activities by comparison with the people who snapped me stretching. *sheepish grin*

Finally, yesterday while I was away, people got snappy at each other on my blog. Can you not, please? Think before you type, etc. Cheers.

Back to your scheduled programming..