July 7th, 2006


Financial matters

I hear the exchange rate between NZ and the US is on the way down again. I checked this morning and it seems to be sitting around 60c. Predictions I've heard say it's going to keep dropping and rally sometime around Christmas.

Not gonna go into reasons for that (me being no kind of an expert on forex). However, the other thing that happened today is that my backdated payrise came through. Wheee!!! Yup, credit card paid off. Lots left over, plus a fair bit of savings as well.

The burning question: Should I go get my US dollars now rather than wait till August and perhaps be stung with up to 20c difference? Financey guys and gals? Anyone?

(Yes yes I know this isn't very exciting compared to a spending spree, but a spending spree in Brisbane or LA or SF sounds like more fun than one in NZ, and I can still afford new glasses so nyah!)

PS still smiling quietly and with glee. Especially since the sun came out. *ahem*


Note: Last night as I was packing, I got out all my gear for a gloat. It's official. I'm a gear freak.

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I'm pretty sure that's not everything, either. Can we say OCD? Thing is, most of it gets used. One day I'll take a photo..
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