July 6th, 2006


Two days off and whaddaya know?

This morning it was still raining. Not horizontal rain with teeth like yesterday's, just gentle, continual large drops. It was lovely.

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Anyway, it wasn't enough to prevent me from going in to work. As I got ready (jacket, trenchcoat, raincoat) I looked at my bag. You know, the Bag O Doom that has everything in it up to and including carabiners, pliers and electrician's tape? And I thought "I'm sick of lugging you around. You're heavy and I hardly ever use what's in you. You're hard to keep dry when it's raining and *moan bitch etc*" Also, someone mentioned the other day that it might be like a security blanket. To which my eyes went big and wide and horrified. Yup.

So anyway, I pulled out stuff I thought I would need and put them in a smaller bag. These included: my camera, phone, keys, cards and money, lip balm and a book. Also, cables for my camera and gizmo. It was SO LIGHT! So far, I've missed having my glasses wipey cloth. That's it.

I'm now in the market for a smaller bag. I'm not really a handbag kind of girl, and I know lots of my friends aren't either. So, ladies (or gents) - what do you use and where can I get one? I'll still have to use the big one on days when I train, but the rest of the time I could travel so much lighter..

Today, I am smiling quietly to myself with glee. I am also looking forward to Melbourne's weather from yesterday getting here in time for the weekend. There will be playing in the snow, oh yes. And also jacuzzis if I can possibly arrange it.

Colour me happy. And slightly damp. And probably bruised.
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