June 30th, 2006


I just like using the word 'import'.

I got summoned for jury duty!

I know that lots of people I know will be going *yawn* "Been there done that" .. but for me it's the first time and I'm all excited. Yeah, I know I might not even get picked and I know I should take a book, but.. community! Helping out in an important way! Stuff like that! Can you smell the naïveté from there? Yeah? Ah well..

I need to start making my List O Stuff for BM. And Brisbane. And LA. And I'm procrastinating. I just don't do lists very well, and I know I already have pretty much everything I need, it's just a matter of finding it, checking it and seeing if it will all fit in my pack and weigh under 20 kilos. And sorting out a mattress of some sort. And.. OMG I nearly made a list! Can't have that. Just Say No To Lists!

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Today, I'm having educational discussions with a young friend (ok, younger than me anyway *grin*) about Stuff Of Great Import. More young men should be so switched on. Yep.

Quiz question: Did Coca-Cola really used to have cocaine in it?