June 23rd, 2006


I have a new icon because I'm all about the new stuff this week!

Normally I sleep naked. "*gasp* (not)" I hear you say. Chances are most of the people who read this sleep in the nude. It's just.. better. Anyway, so what's so earth-shattering about that? Last night, I slept:

Under a feather duvet
With the heater going full bore
Wearing a thermal top
And my fleecy pyjamas

This is nuts. Our house is insulated (OK I sleep on the south side but BRRR!!!) Yes, I was comfortable and toasty. But the moments between pjs and shower, and between shower and clothes, were torturous. And that's in my heated room. I think, personally, that if it's going to be that cold we should get some snow to show for it. Just sayin'.

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I am also looking forward to going to Bres-bin. I hear it's warm there but there are things in the sea that either poison you or eat you, so no swimming for me. Amazing how complacent you get about bitey things, living in New Zealand..
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