June 18th, 2006


I fixed it!

What I got up to this weekend..

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There was other stuff too, good stuff. But it's not for lj.

And, my sheep farmer lady (Sidney) is back, so instead of chasing sheep this morning we caught up over coffee. Apparently the sheep-worrying dog lady from last weekend owned up to her dogs' indiscretions and is actually doing something about it. I like Sidney. She's one of those good value people who can talk about genetics, music, travel, biscuits and philosophy in the same conversation, and still have it all make perfect sense.

*yawns* Early night tonight - NOT!!! (instead there will be FEASTING!)

Also, I test-drove some Sennheiser PX100 headphones (Concord Dawn, Sigur Ros, Apparat) and by the time the three songs were finished, I'd bought a new set off Trademe. Can we say OMG MUSICAL ORGASM?