June 12th, 2006


Where's Dick Turpin when you need him?

This is not naked-dancing rain. This is the kind of dark rain that makes me think of Yorkshire moors and stone castles and fireplaces you can roast a steer in. (there may or may not be a bearskin rug in my vision). It also makes me think "Gosh I'll have to go check the sheep again." Despite the apparent nastiness of the weather, I like it and enjoyed my stilted dash to work. I think I'll start hassling the council for a bus shelter at my stop though.

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Today is about wheedling leave and booking flights. It's also about squelchy shoes and watching co-workers shake themselves like dogs. It may end up being about pizza and WoW.

(last night I updated all the patches and addons and such. my screen was completely unrecognisable. tonight I may be able to play)

Oh yeah, blow drying my hair this morning? Well, it looked nice for 10 minutes. ;-) Today I'm sporting the waif look. Curls O Doom ftw!

And, I just found out that there is a tool used in carpentry that's known as a Butt Gauge. O.O
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