June 8th, 2006



I've been emailing various travel agencies today about tickets for my trip in August, getting quotes etc.

Apparently it's going to cost around $2800. *ouch*

Unless I fly with Air China and go through Taipei on the way there and back. If I do that, it's $700 cheaper.

$700 is a lot of entertainment money. I don't care about the Taipei stopover (could be fun!) but you know what they say about not-well-known airlines..

So I looked up "Most Dangerous Airlines" on Google. The second most dangerous is China Airlines. I can't tell from looking those up whether they are the same company or not.

Any of you well-travelled lot out there got any enlightenment for me?

In other news, I'm up to No. 2458 in my playlist experiment, which means it should finish in about another 12-13 days. Out of interest, it's DJ Darth and Nimbus Live at Stratosphere Nov02 and it runs for 111 minutes.

[EDIT] Note to self: ".. unless you want to go all Freudian on my ass" is probably something one should avoid saying on a first date.

Happy Hecklers

Turns out there is a fairly large bunch of people who really enjoy heckling movies. We'd like to get together and go let ourselves loose on one. Luckily, there are a few candidates out there at the moment. After careful deliberation, the options have been narrowed down to three. So without further ado, I bring you:

Poll #744177 The Burning Question

Which movie should we go see?

The Omen 666
The Da Vinci Code

And, if you want to join in, let us know!