June 7th, 2006


Google is psychic (or too damn invasive, or something)

I'm not sure how I feel about that thing that appears at the top of gmail that suggests links according to your content. Especially when it gives me Catchhimandkeephim.com. (don't ask). And this morning there was a site where I could buy miniature Australian Sheepdogs after someone sent me this link.

Then this:

Quote from an unusual source:

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Last night I watched 24 Hour Party People for the first time. It made me think of the shrine to Ian Curtis on Taranaki St, and how much a part of Wellington culture it's become. It doesn't matter how many times it's painted over or tagged, someone comes along and restores it. And, even though I'm not a fan of Joy Division, I like that it's there.

Today I start doing official stuff about Burning Man. Like, talking to the boss about taking three weeks off at the busiest time of the year. *gulp* Still no word on my payrise either. *fidgets*

Also, I'm listening to Sonic Animation, who I haven't listened to for years. I really like this lyric:

I'm a DJ - my head is up my ass

I'd like a working body, please.

So much for aikido. After not training for a week I went with enthusiasm and was looking forward to it. Unfortunately it would seem my body has other ideas. I barely made it through the warmup, and practicing turns I couldn't balance and kept stumbling and tripping. Standing, I could feel my legs trembling and shaky, so I stopped before I hurt myself.

I walked straight to the supermarket and bought meat, hopped a bus home and ate it. Now I'm going to sleep, and see if my legs are still shaking in the morning.

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