May 26th, 2006


They love me!

I don't think I've talked that much in one go since my interview for this job.

It was a very good review, they think I'm awesome and have asked me to take on more responsibility and offered to train me for the job. I asked for $5K. Unfortunately my manager has to discuss it with the CEO before I get any kind of confirmation. The good news is, any increase in salary will be backdated to January, when the review should have been.


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The last two nights I've dreamed that I had long blonde hair. In my dream it suited me, although in reality when I had long blonde hair it determinedly birdsnested every time I moved and annoyed the hell out of me. But my dream-self enjoyed flicking it around.. *smile*

I also dreamed of Burning Man. There were sheep there. Just shows how much store you can set in dreams..

Oh, and - 80's fashion mistake that has made an unwelcome comeback - puff skirts. I saw 2 on my way to work this morning. Come on ladies! If you are a skinny girl they make your legs look like sticks, if you're a bigger girl they puff out and make you look wider. Just Say No to puff skirts!