May 25th, 2006


Ikkyo, Nikkyo, Sankyo, YonkYOW!!

Just like a dance, only one where both participants are scratching their heads with confusion and instead of gently encircling a waist, we gently encircle a wrist and apply PAIN! Then someone falls on the floor.

(most of the places I dance don't work like this)

But can we say fun? Seriously.

The other day I was crossing the road with a friend (we actually waited for the green man for a change), blithely weaving between the people coming the other way, when I felt a breath of warm air on my neck and a low, male voice whispered "Hi." I turned to see who it was, but all I could see was a sea of backs - nobody I knew and nobody smiling over their shoulder. It remains a mystery. Who was the whisperer? What prompted them to whisper to me? I will probably never know. But now, every time I cross on that crossing, I smile to myself.

There is a phone box on Willis Street that makes me smile too, for the memory of a lightning-fast, laughing jacket-swap involving partial nudity while people strolled past on a Saturday night.

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Performance review tomorrow. Trepidation vs Excitement, Battle To The Death. Taking bets now..

And then there will be steak.

[EDIT] For the benefit of people with whom I was conversing this morning, yes. It's official. I am also a dork. ;-D

[MORE EDITING] And this: New DeathBoy Track: Anuism (feat. Mog Xykogen)

[FINAL EDIT] And yes, I do find it highly amusing that a 50+ commentfest was started by a casual, 6-word remark as an afterthought, while the rest of the post was largely ignored.. lalalaaaa.. *smile*