May 23rd, 2006


Highly intellectual stuff

Wellington smells lovely this morning. It's the first decent rain we've had for a while, and it's coming straight down - no wind. I like straight-down rain.

(I may have jumped in some puddles on my walk to work)

The other day, I had a conversation over many coffees* with a couple for whom I do the occasional bit of shepherding. They are both academics and know Ralph. They were amazed to discover that he's a 5th dan at aikido, but at the same time not surprised. I find many people who know Ralph take this attitude. Anyway, He is a professor of music. He drew a comparison between music and aikido, in which the score equates to a road map, much as the techniques do in aikido. Basically, he was saying the score tells you what note to play and when, but if you really want to play music, it comes from somewhere else, as if it's playing through you, and you have to get your head with its judgement and analysis out of the way.

This pattern just keeps on repeating lately.

They also said (it was a varied conversation) that they thought the most important thing that had made their relationship work was an intellectual match. They are two very different people, but through everything, they've always connected on a mind level. That's the second time in three days I've heard this said, too. Am I having Groundhog Month?

*They had just bought an espresso machine and were using me as their sacrificial guinea pig to test out their skills on. They twisted my arm. I have to say I was impressed with their skills, but I needed a scientific sample size to be sure. *jitters*

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Jumping on the bandwagon

Accepting the Jez challenge. I don't consider any of these (ok maybe one or two) to be particularly obscure, but then they are on my playlist and possibly not on yours. For anyone whose internet's been broken for the last couple of days, guess the track and artist from the lyrics, no googling, blah blah blah. Chocolate fish for anyone who gets all of them etc.

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Interesting, the emotional maelstrom that resulted from listening to some tracks I haven't listened to for years.

So, Jez, do I win at obscurity? I put money on there being at least one track there that nobody will get, even if they do use google.

Also - who has Psilonaut? I have one track and Need More With A Passion. I would go a long way for more of this..