May 19th, 2006


OOf .. OOf .. OOf .. OOf .. OOf .. *yawn*

Death Cab For Cutie. Have a listen. I've been hearing about these guys more and more lately, yet hadn't heard any of their stuff. Their name always makes me think of Barbie Death Camp and Wine Bistro from Burning Man. And, having listened to them, I think it would be the perfect music for murdering your Barbie Doll to. I'm tempted to make a Death Cab For Barbie to give to the guy who runs this camp, actually.

I got all dressed up in my BM gears and went to Fuego last night. Unfortunately I didn't even get my coat off, what with the freezing weather and the house music (which I get bored dancing to after about 25 seconds). So there was lurking in corners in a long overcoat, muttering out of the side of my mouth to various people in a clandestine manner instead.

Supposed to be going to see Hellserpoppin and Vatican tonight, but I hate Valve with a vengeance for the way they make good bands sound bad, and can hear either of these bands for free anytime anyway at their practices. It would also help if the singer (screamer?) from Vatican could actually sing. Hmm..

Not much else to say. Yesterday was a day of ups and downs that sucked my vitality. Today is a day of coccooning and working at getting it back. I may make a shirt.
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