May 18th, 2006


"You should really have bought me a drink first, sir!"

Today I'm wearing the pink skirt I made. I tried to take a photo but my camera fu seems to have deserted me and it came out all gangly legs and the knees I inherited from my Dad (robust but lumpy) and a corner of pink skirt, so I gave up. You will just have to come visit me. ;-) Also, my slip seems to have outgrown me and is descending determinedly. I mean, I know that wearing your underwear on the outside is fashionable for some people (yesterday I saw someone in flarey denim pants with a flesh-toned petticoat over them *gag*), but I am not those people. So, underwear-buying spree! Wheee!

Yesterday was filming day for The Singer Vogue. It's going to be immortalised, towing a caravan through a mob of sheep, in a Toyota ad, which I will probably have to make a special effort to see given the not-watching-TV thing. However, every time I see it, I'll be going "Ooh! Fame by association! I know the owner of that car!" And it will give me a thrill..

Aikido last night was a lesson in humility, or something akin. Lesson number one, don't perv at the instructor while being thrown. It leads to landing in an undignified heap on the floor and losing skin off your elbow. Lesson number two, don't be silly in your enthusiasm. Tats goes in, grabs both wrists, keeps giving energy, goes up the wrong side. Mike bends at the waist, does a little wiggle and suddenly Tats is slung over his back like a sack of spuds. A brief pause, then Flip!Roll! down into deep dip position as if we were doing a tango. "So now what?" says Tats from her somewhat disadvantaged position. Mike opens fingers. Tats lands in another undignified heap on the floor. Hilarity ensues.

Note to self: Learn to fall in a dignified manner from the deep dip position.

And, I'm still trying to lay my hands on a copy of Maxim or FHM. Anyone here have an old one they want to throw my way? (I draw the line at spending money on research for my lj *grin*) In the interests of equality, you understand..
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