May 11th, 2006


I'm just a girl (WTFever, beeyatch!)

I have mastered another girl skill. Yes! It's now official. I can sprint 400m downhill in 4-inch heels to catch a bus without falling over. If you think this isn't such a great achievement, try it.

Now I just have to master putting on lipstick with no mirror. I watched Charlotte do this the other day and I was agog. I was also amazed at how adding a bit of colour to her lips made her eyes seem about 4 shades brighter (they are blue). Ah, the art of artifice! I doubt this will make me start wearing lipstick as a matter of course, simply because I like the effect it has on people when I use makeup and doing it all the time would dull this effect.

Who? Me? Shallow?

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And in final girl stuff for the day, I've put in a bid on a sewing machine on Trademe. I can sew, and I've been inspired by all the creativity going on around me to actually do something about it for myself. Go me!

Last night, I made contact with a direct source of good music. No more circuitous routes for it to get to me. [best Mr Burns voice]Excellent![/bmbv]. Still with the classical for today - this time Paolo Conte, another from Ralph. This guy really enjoys making music, you can just tell. Awesome.