May 10th, 2006


Is your government trying to confuse you?

There has been a slight change of plans regarding the clothes swap, due to the fact that some amongst us have lives, complete with the necessity for things like work and sport commitments. So, the time has been changed to

4.30pm Sunday afternoon. K?

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In other news, this morning I was passing clothes shops, and I noticed that the mannequins in some of the more modern ones are not wearing bras. No, you can't see their nipples (I'm pretty sure they still make them not-quite anatomically correct), but by the shape of their breasts and the position of them, they are not bra-supported. Score one for the braless! Just saying..

Oh yeah, today I'm listening to Hymn to the Moon by Eugenia Manolides - a piece for piano, strings and piccolo - it's kind of orchestral without the boomcrash that hurts my ears and puts me off most orchestral music. And it's pretty. It's on the album Living Theater Volume 1 if you're interested.