May 5th, 2006


Are you telephone avoidant? I am.

I am so full! And I thoroughly recommend Tandoori Heritage for Indian food. Especially the lassi. Mmm, lassi... thank you so much, Kim!

This week I have worn a skirt every day. It's been an interesting experience. My legs have enjoyed the freedom (you can feel the air even with tights on), stockings are my new favourite thing, and I have to say I got a kick out of being looked at. This may become a habit. It's much easier to look nice in a skirt. Also, I'm thinking of haircuts. It's time for a change. Any suggestions?

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Also, know how the other day I mentioned having 'issues' with my mp3 player and the lack of pockets to carry it? Well, I'm not alone. This morning I noticed around 8 other people walking along, 'phones on, holding their little devices in one hand and their bag in the other. No arm swinging to be seen. Is this clothing anachronism producing a generation of people who've forgotten how to move their shoulders when walking?

Finally, Happy Birthday to Si *sigh* (hee hee) and Dylan! Whee! Yay birthdays! Have a fun and exciting day, K?

[EDIT] For some inexplicable reason I can't log in to gmail today. 404 not found, I cuss vehemently in your general direction. So yeah, I'm not ignoring you and haven't skipped the country - yet.
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