April 28th, 2006


So I painted 'Yes' over one eyebrow - now let's see what happens

I just bought my season pass for the mountain. It's left me with a slightly sick feeling in my stomach over spending the money, after last year when I didn't get to go at all, and with the upcoming expense of overseas travel. But getting an email yesterday saying "Pleaseplease PLEASE come snowboarding with me!" gave me the impetus to do it. (For those of you who don't know, if you buy your season pass in April, you're taking a gamble on there actually being snow but you get it $300 cheaper).

So, boarding ahoy! And also, welcome back to Bakedbeansville..

The wool selling trip was improved by the inclusion of two girlfriends and a mission round the op shops in Carterton. Carterton? Oh God! BUT! The thing about Carterton is that anything even slightly out of the ordinary doesn't get bought by the locals, and is thus marked down in price. So we came home with a car full of booty and big thanks to the Cartertonites whose definition of unusual attire is any skirt above the knee and a slightly cropped cardie. Whee!

And then there were movies. Specifically, Spun, which is like Requiem for a Dream (complete with poached closeup contracting pupil shots) crossed with Pulp Fiction, crossed with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It started off making me go "Ugh" and improved from there. I actually liked the characters by the end of it. Mickey Rourke is looking kind of old and barrel chested these days. Then there was The Man Who Fell To Earth, which was a bit disappointing in that nothing really happened, there was a certain tryhard inclusion of everything that was risque at the time and the arty shots took over about an hour of the movie. David Bowie looks very young in it and the full frontal nude shots do nothing for his, er, um.. manhood.

And tonight, tonight there will be steak.

It's going to be an interesting weekend. Where hopefully definitions of interesting != "ohgod ohgod we're all going to die!" ;-)

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