April 2nd, 2006


Yes, they really are called studs. It cracks me up.

How to finish your weekend feeling like you've been run over by a steamroller:

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I'm thinking maybe the sheep should have come before the spa, not after. I wasn't warned that the farmer wanted a full belly crutch (which takes roughly twice as long). However, she made it worth my (and Charlotte's) while. Have I mentioned how much Charlotte rocks?

In other news, be careful what you wish for. Remember I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'd like funky new glasses? Some time on Saturday night I put a humungous scratch in one of my lenses. So, New Glasses Shopping. Would some sighted person like to volunteer to help me pick frames? *sheepish grin* I know I should spend today's money on glasses, but I kind of made a promise about a certain MMORPG and, well, a promise is a promise. Andand.. FAKE FUR!!!!


[EDIT] My dog is dreaming of chasing sheep after her big day out. It's cute. ;-)