March 22nd, 2006


Memory Test O Doom - or, what's in that huge bag anyway, Tats?

Yesterday when I left work I was told not to bring my germs in the next day. Apparently I'm contagious (ha HA! Little do they know! I was contagious last week).. Accordingly, this morning I scraped myself out of bed at 11am and sat around in my pjs for a while, trying to entertain myself:

For Marshall (not Cthulhu but the best I could do on short notice):

Then I thought it might be time to clean out my work bag. Last time I did this I was surprised at the number of things I carry around. This time, perhaps not surprisingly, there are more things. So, in honour of this, I bring you...

Collapse )

So, should I go to aikido tonight? I feel ok, no really I do. I'm just exuding things that others may find offputting.
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