March 20th, 2006


Here's a thought (but it ain't one of mine..)

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I like the way she's put a little love heart by her name. I think this is the equivalent of saying something cutting on the internet then adding a smiley to make people think/realise you're either joking or still want folks to think you're nice - except in Jane's case, she hasn't said anything mean. And it's cute.

Also, I shouldn't read the internet before I wake up properly. When I'm still in Dream-Cushioned Fuzz Land, it's too harsh and stark and text-based communication is too easily misinterpreted. One slightly off-colour remark can bring my house of marshmallows tumbling down into the brussel sprout soup (with extra gorgonzola!) of sour-taste-in-mouth. Of course, if I read the same thing after coffee and some exercise, I would just laugh.

Today, if I were a lady of leisure, I think hanging out in a cafe with a book would be my choice of activity. I may or may not be spouting pretentious poetry in my vision. Most likely not. More likely I'd be surreptitiously observing the little interactions between people and filing them away for future reference. But why? What am I going to do with all this observation and anecdotal evidence of the human condition? Uhunno. You tell me.

Butbutbut! Instead of that, I'm taking the kid climbing, then racing him back to his family in Paraparaumu and then back to Wellington in time for aikido, I hope. Because, you know, you can't have too much physical activity on a Monday, can you?

If anyone has seen my mind, can they return it please? I think the healthy food I ate on Saturday scared it away, or I left it at Gav's, or something...
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