March 19th, 2006


I have sunburn. I am a dork. *grins happily*

Last night I had what may possibly be the best steak I've had in this town.. OK yes, it was the best steak. This is no small accomplishment, considering how many places I've tried. But, Crazy Horse on Willis wins. It cost $10 more than the Green Parrot for a scotch fillet meal with pineapple juice (my standard order), but oh so very worth it. And, the entertainment industry wankfest didn't start till we were about to leave. The woman with the mud brown light-tulle (dyed curtain netting?) princess skirt, the blue suede cowboy boots (with riding heel, nicolachampagne), and a shirt that matched neither and had sequins, would probably be thankful for the 'ambience' (read - too dim for flash-free photos not to be blurry), if she had known what we were up to. But *cough* yeah. Excellent steak. I recommend it.

Today it was beautiful and sunny all day where I was. Yep.

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Being at Gav's place is like having a hot bath after a day outside in winter, or having a massage when you've been climbing.. but for your inside rather than your outside. It's hard to explain - the Wairarapa has its own kind of magic and this guy just belongs in the Wairarapa, so together they are awesome. And, of course, I love the hills so being in them makes me a happy camper too. I had to leave eventually, but not before ham sandwiches and Food Dude:

Smart guy, Food Dude.

Back in Wellington, it was raining. But rain's good too. Really quite a perfect Sunday, made more perfect by last night's steak and epiphany, and ending with picking up Tommy for a completely out-of-the-blue, unexpected day of togetherness.

*smiles happily* Life's not always perfect, but today was pretty damn close.