March 18th, 2006


First celebrates St Patrick's Day

I love my dog. I especially love the way she can go to parties and be friendly and sociable and not make a nuisance of herself, and how people like her and how she's been adopted as the Local Neighbourhood Dog. These things make me happy. She is also a geek dog (c'mon, how many dogs do you know that can fall asleep with their head on a router?). I liked the way you could spot the dog lovers in the crowd by their green hands and how shiny she is today from all the pats. Yup, I love my dog.

Last night there was absinthe. I've never had absinthe before. Suffice to say I finally understand some of the 19th century poetry from my first year English Lit classes. Yes, I know it's not the real stuff, but it does have a wormwood infusion (I'm fairly familiar with wormwood from my shepherding days when one grew outside the house) - and let's face it, at 85%, an infusion is enough..

U2 were brilliant in their obscure-trackiness (thanks to Mine Host spending hours deleting all the familiar ones from the playlist), and my personal favourite, played as a request, was a live version of Running to Stand Still. Add it to the list of Songs That Make Tats Cry.

You gotta cry without weeping
Talk without speaking
Scream without raising your voice

Seems very appropriate somehow.

I wish bad shit would stop happening to people I care about.

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