March 17th, 2006


Shiny things! Oh so many shiny pretty things!

DDO is very pretty. Oh, so very pretty. Pretty enough so that I'm barely resisting the urge to rush down to The Gamesman (gamesperson, please!) and beat up all the spotty 14 year old geeks for a copy (yes, I know, that's not very aikido, but all's fair in love, war and gaming). I've been offered a 10 day free trial. *ghrlargle* If I disappear completely, you'll know I've caved in. But, much like pagurus, I too enjoy the benefits of hygiene and clothes that flatter, so I'll probably never be a true gamer geek.

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Finally got to see Brokeback Mountain. Now, the stuff about the subject matter has all been said far more eloquently than I could by everyone else who got to see it first. So, ignoring that, here's my impression:

Continuity was good (I only spotted a couple of things to do with the sheep which is way better than usual).
Scenery was breathtaking.
Love was believable.
Jake Gyllenhaal is very very sexy. "Yeah yeah blah blah" I hear you say. But, I think I figured it out. It's his mouth, and the way the two sides of it operate independently of each other, and of his lips. Now, I'm not going to go into the connotations of what that means (I'm sure most people who read this can figure that one out). I once had a boyfriend with a mouth like that. 'Nuff said. Mitch also had a horse called Ken that you could ride with no bridle, and that was sexy too. But I digress.
Story was a bit slow, but the mood was slow too so it kind of fit.
I wanted to strangle Ennis's wife for not talking to him about snapping him out with Jack and saving them both 10 years of miserable marriage. Dumb bitch.
Yup, cried. In the bit where they are breaking up and Jack's remembering another time when Ennis rode away.

So yeah. Good stuff. Watching it with Polly was kind of cool, too. Much laughing and some crying and a too-loud whisper of "Lose the moustache, Jack. It's ugly as hell!"*

I have been issued a dare. Those who know me will know what this means. Photos tomorrow. *smile*

* The other night I was idly gazing at the television and a guy came on with a HUGE handlebar moustache - sort of like Magnum 45 PI, now with extra moustache! So I leaned round the corner and said to grist, "Isn't that just the biggest 'I have a small penis' moustache you've ever seen?" Unbeknown to me, I had my Teamspeak connection switched on.. consequently there are now a bunch of Australians out there who a) think I'm a bit odd and b) are looking at guys with big moustaches in a completely new way.

Doope de doo, change the world, a little each day... *giggle*